Web design is segment of the market that aspires to stay relevant through rapid changes to the products offered its clients each year.  This creates trends that industry professionals are quick to learn about and in some cases, incorporate into their innovative efforts.  But like most things in the tech sector, change can be so rapid it’s hard to keep pace.  Falling behind is not an option so keeping up with the latest in what the UX experts see as the hot new trends is a must.  You can expect to see AI chatbots, VR and immersive storytelling continue to dominate the field, making a permanent mark on the industry.  VR and 360-degree video will continue to be incorporated to create that interactive experience that packs a lot of punch for the client.

Expect VR headsets to lead the pack on this one, as evidenced by the popularity of Google’s Daydream.  Other brands are getting in on the action, using the gadget to enhance the gaming experience and finding ways to adapt the technology for everyday use.  And while it may seem like fun to put a pair of goggles on and experience the virtual world, this time of year, taking a break in the real world is the best experience of all.  Taking a break with the family to really explore the parks and trails in your area is key to keeping the mind of the developer or designer sharp.  No doubt this summer has provided lots of food for the imagination, and things will get more interesting as we near the Great American Solar Eclipse set to occur on August 21.

Getting out and getting dirty can provide a wholesome experience for the family, but you must be properly geared to really enjoy the experience, and for that … READ MORE