No freelance web design job is the same and clients are not all created equal. Different types have different needs and varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to winning their work. Here are a few of the best places to look for new freelance web design clients.


Non-profits, churches, and other charitable groups almost always need professional web design help, but almost never have budget. Getting their work will probably be the easiest, since you won’t mind working for little to no money. Just reach-out to group leaders and asses their needs, and if it seems like a good fit, offer your services. Do a few of these sites early to build your productivity and awareness in the community.

Small business

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) typically provide freelance web designers with their first paying gigs. They’re local, often very old-school, and almost never have web designers or marketing people on the payroll. While the term “small business” usually means fewer than 50 employees, and “medium-sized business” means fewer than 250 employees, you’ll probably have the best luck with the local mom-and-pops with a only a handful of employees. Almost all of my SMB clients over the years have had fewer than 10 employees. Quite a few had only one or two.

Small business Considerations

Small business owners are usually very headstrong about what they think they need. They did build a successful business from the ground up, after all. They’re also usually very tight with their money, so helping them understand a website as an investment, not a cost, can be a challenge. You’ll also be challenged to stick to good design principles when they ask you to make ridiculous changes, like making the text red and the background black (that’s a true story).



Equine Net design and style is really a very niche specific industry. Just about any individual can build a website these days. And even finding an excellent site is reasonably painless. But if you’d like a fantastic web-site for the horse-related business enterprise (and a single that in fact works!), that is definitely a further story.

Your average Net style firm is more than proficient at building desirable, functional sites. On the other hand, they may be generally somewhat generic. They aren’t specific to the horse sector, so they lack that particular “feel” that horse small business owners are in search of. When a website visitor finds an equine internet site, they wish to understand that the firm truly is in the horse market and not just some cookie cutter enterprise planning to make a buck.

Horse owners/lovers are extremely passionate and they wish to deal with others who share that exact same passion. So, as a business owner, you wish your web-site to clearly convey your “love for all things horses”. The most beneficial approach to achieve this really is to possess your site designed and advertising and marketing by a person who is an expert in horses AND internet marketing + Web design and style!

As opposed to possessing a random Internet style corporation develop your equine enterprise web site, let somebody who shares your passion for horses develop a professional, personal, niche-specific web page that perfectly complements your enterprise.

You will discover a number of firms in the US that specialize in building internet websites for horse small business owners.

A properly designed web-site is going to be easy to navigate, with a clean appear & feel, good graphics, and also be highly optimized so that it performs nicely in the search engines. What excellent … READ MORE