Tips on getting more fans on Facebook

You have already created your business page and now your challenge is to get more fans on Facebook. As you are a new page in the social media platform, your challenge is to get the required fan base that would be critical to make your business a success.

Creating a Facebook page and getting fans on the social media site is not limited to companies or businesses alone but is essential for everyone who intends to build a brand.

Here are some tips that can help you to get more fans on Facebook:-

Spread the word as much as possible: First of all, spread the word what your business is all about. This is the very first thing that you ought to do if you want your target audience and prospective fans to know what you are up to.

Politely and concisely request your friends, acquaintances and relatives to like: You can politely and briefly ask your friends, acquaintances and relatives to like your page. This will not be a problem as long as you have a trusted group of people on whom you can count on to give you the much needed push to get you started with your Facebook page.

Leverage on your friends’ contacts: After politely asking your friends, acquaintances and family members, you can also ask them share your Facebook page on their respective pages and ask their contacts to pay a visit to your page and like it if they found it is worth it.

Ask your popular and influential friends in the social media platform to invite their friends to like your page: Once your friends, relatives and acquaintances have liked your Facebook page they can invite their friends to like your page. However, you would be better off by asking your influential friends to invite their friends after liking your page. The small request can pay off huge dividends going forward.

Cash in on the word-of-mouth publicity: You can also cash in on the word of mouth publicity by taking your friends into confidence. If your friends find something of value in your page, they will speak good things about it and it can pique curiosity among their contacts, who may end up visiting and liking your Facebook page.

Email your friends who are not on the social media platform yet: You can also email your friends, who are not on the social media platform and ask them to check out your page by signing into the platform. This will give them a great incentive to join the largest online community in the world and experience your work all by themselves

Post a link to the other Facebook pages that you follow: You can also post the link to your Facebook page to other Facebook pages that you follow. You can also link your page in the fan clubs that you had already joined, the closed groups, open groups as well as the pages of other brands – be it people, organizations, businesses, non profits, etc.

Contests for people who have already become your fans: You can also organize contests such as photo tagging, online challenges, online games and events, gifts for loyal fans, and many more for the people who have already become your fans.

Place your Facebook link on other social media platforms: You can also place the link to your Facebook page on other social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Promote your Facebook page in offline channels: You can promote your Facebook page through offline channels such as printing your  Facebook url and sticking it in front of your store, or printing your Facebook link in receipts and notices and handing them over to your customers.

Add Facebook like tool to your blog or website: You can add a Facebook like tool to your website or blog that will help your customers to automatically like your Facebook page by visiting your blog or website.

Keep your Facebook page worth visiting: You can keep your Facebook page worth visiting by creating exclusive contents that get published on Facebook, such as surveys, quizzes, anecdotes, and quotes.

Look beyond FB … the external social media networking community: By being an active part of the extermal social media networking community you can eventually draw the community members to your Facebook page.

Hire a community manager: If it is not possible on your part to handle your social media account every moment of the day, you may want to find a person who can be a community manager of your Facebook page and can promote it efficiently.

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