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Google Launches Chrome Web Store – Sells Browser ExtensionsDesign Your Webpage With eCommerce Templates

These days it looks like many people are doing a growing number of shopping on the web. It may have you thinking to develop eCommerce website. In fact this last Christmas it was estimated that four billion dollars was spent online. That’s a pretty big number considering we are suppose to be some sort of recession right now.

– One of the oldest (and quite a few frequently voiced) concerns about Chrome among web savvy users was its traditional lack of extensions

– The Mozilla Firefox Add-ons page has long listed many useful and popular add-ons towards the browser, but Chrome only recently put in the ability to run extensions

– Although Chrome had previously had a search page interface for extensions and themes, the Web Store adds the initial part of monetizing browser extensions

– Now, users can certainly sell their app to some wide (and growing) business of Chrome users-or they could integrate Google AdSense into their free application to earn money from advertising clicks

– This type of companies are relatively unexplored, so that it is going to be interesting to view how developers fare within this new frontier

The Best Online Marketing Methods for Your Web Store

As far as I am concerned, if you are absolutely serious about creating hardly any money, a good modest income to supplement your main income, from the net you ought to develop these basic skills. I am amazed what number of ‘make money schemes’ online recommend you have PayPerClick as a way of having people to your splash page and ultimately a down-line, while in reality you want a reasonable ability to determine how many of these PPC sites work! I remember with sadness, dismay and anger some in years past every time a associate of an forum I’m on contacted me and a few folks personally. He would be a newly retired Australian man along been talked into buying 6 web stores. – Article marketing is without question one of the most powerful free marketing tools available on the internet

– The first thing to remember is always that good articles offer value

– When your prospect is researching to unravel an issue this article will most likely provide a solution

– With good key phrase research with an knowledge of SEO you’ll be able to position your posts before those prospects

– One of the things you are carrying out in web marketing for online store sales is that you simply are creating might know about call a sales funnel

– These articles should lead qualified prospects time for your online store

The open nature of Chrome extensions lends itself to easy source code audits that will prevent this sort of attack. One would think that before adding it on the Web Store, a Google engineer must audit the code to make sure it isn’t looking to grab bank card numbers. However, the growing size of the Chrome member list and the simplicity of extension development does present a juicy target for could be attackers.

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