Why Do High Traffic Websites Prefer Cloud Hosting?

Why Do High Traffic Websites Prefer Cloud Hosting?

Billions of websites around the world create engaging content, indulge in various marketing and promotional activities, and try to attract users to their websites. Websites are created to take the customer through a journey which explains the products/services offered by the site. Most websites expect to attract thousands of visitors and conduct market surveys, competition analysis and follow SEO guidelines for the same. However, when the traffic starts increasing, site owners need to have their technical resources, provided by the web host in place to manage the load. If the website does not have adequate resources, then the site speed can get affected leading to users abandoning the site or leaving with a bad experience. While there are many hosting plans available, Cloud Hosting is the best hosting solution for high traffic websites for reasons mentioned below.

What do high traffic websites need from a hosting provider?

  • Scalability of resources to manage the high traffic volumes
  • Maximum Uptime
  • Fast page load speed
  • Top notch security in a high traffic environment
  • Cost-efficiency

Why high traffic websites prefer Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting services offer the following features making them the ideal choice for high traffic websites:

Load Balancing

In Cloud Hosting, servers can be configured for load balancing so that no single server becomes overloaded. The hosting provider can add additional servers to the cluster in order to manage load without disturbing the current environment. This helps maximize the performance of your website and manage high volumes of traffic.


Most Cloud Hosting plans allow site owners to increase the resources like CPU, RAM, etc. at the click of a button. Some providers also offer an automatic scalability option wherein users can pre-define limits up to which the resources can be added to their account. This helps websites manage sudden traffic spikes efficiently.

Maximum Uptime

For a website receiving high traffic, a downtime directly translates to a loss of customers and dent in the reputation of the brand. Hence, it is important that the hosting provider offers maximum uptime. Most Cloud Hosting providers offer 99.9%+ uptime assurance based on the state-of-the-art infrastructure, HVAC systems, etc.

Page Load Speed

Think about it – if the web pages load fast, users browse faster and leave the website as satisfied customers. On the other hand, it also frees up the server to manage new users. Hence, a fast loading website is crucial for companies receiving high traffic. Most Cloud Hosting providers integrate CDN and caching servers (like Varnish Cache) to speed up the websites by up to 1000%!


A website receiving high traffic is more prone to virus attacks, hacks, and spamming threats. However, Cloud Hosting Providers offer many virus and malware tools to ensure protection from all kinds of threats.


Unlike the traditional hosting models, where site owners were required to purchase/ rent physical server space and hardware, in Cloud Hosting, you purchase a plan with resources that are needed to support your current volumes and requirement. Since the resources are instantly scalable, you can increase/decrease them when you want. This saves you the cost of unnecessarily investing in resources that you don’t currently need.

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