Tips on improving your Google display campaigns

Tips on improving your Google display campaigns

AdWords is one of the great sources of getting leads for your business but if you don’t have proper experience with using it, things can get complicated. Take it easy, you can rely on PPC Agency London for running successful campaigns on AdWords.

You might already know that Google AdWords has two networks, search network and display network. If you are not careful with your display network, then you will end up spending a lot of money on the campaigns. If you are looking for some help in improving your Google display campaigns, read below:

1. Keywords and search are two different things

When it comes to display advertising, you will need a keyword strategy. There is no such thing as keyword match type in Google display. You have to load the keywords as a broad match without using the ‘+’ sign.

2. Use remarketing

You can use remarketing strategy for display network. You use cookies to follow the visitors on your site with ads. As creepy as it sounds, you will be using remarketing to target the visitors who were already interested in your business. This technique is used for keeping your past visitors engaged. The best part is it is free.

3. Let your budget guide you

Google display is a large space and hence you have to be careful in setting your budget. It is recommended to start small and increase the budget as you become comfortable with the campaign. When you have compiled a nice list of managed placements, you can start allocating more money towards the campaign. Over time, your Google display campaigns will become so fruitful that you will stop running the search campaigns. Once everything gets right and you can increase your budget, you will start getting better returns.

4. Create ads in all available formats

It is important to have your ad in all formats available because some websites only support one particular format. Don’t hesitate to include text ads. It is best if you use both text and image ads. Image ads are mostly preferred because people are able to resonate with them better.

5. Create simple ads

Simple ads mean they should be easy to read and naturally appealing to your audience. A visual format is always better but if it is expensive for you to create visual ads, then you can use display ad builder by Google. You will be amazed to see the possibilities.

If you have experience in running successful search campaigns, then you must know how important it is to monitor and adjust your account. The same goes for display campaigns. Have a look at the performance of the previous week and ask yourself how well did it perform. In your AdWords control panel, go to display network and see where your display ads are placed.  Make sure everything in the settings is correct. Keep on tracking your campaign to get the best Return On Investment (ROI). When in doubt, you can always hire an agency to take care of your AdWords campaigns.

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