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A Guide to Funny Viral Content Link building is one of the easiest ways you can use to get your search engine noticed. A funny viral content is an interesting content that people will like and pass it on to other people so that they can see. An example is where you can pass on an inbound link to a site that belongs to you. There are five effective types of funny viral content that may be used for link building and they include. You can conduct a research of a study that will make the user feel important. If you come up with something that makes the people feel important they are the ones who will do the link building for you and they will do it for free. Taking an example that you are link building a site based on jobs, conduct a survey and come up with a job portal that will make someone’s dream come true. You can come up with an interesting questioner that will spread like lightening in the whole social networking sites. The other advantage of a survey that makes the user feel important is that they will remember you and anytime they want to change their job they will have to visit your site. Releasing texts that can be easily done and produce an interesting result is another funny viral content that can be used for link building. The kind of tests you can upload will depend on the type of site you have. For example an IQ test can be uploaded if your site deals wit education matters. When link building, these tests can be of great help. Post questions that on automobile if your link building deals with cars. The third most effective funny viral content that can be used for link building is giving freebies. By using the word free when you are link building you will end up attracting the attention of many leaders and they will end up reading materials from your site. To attract more leaders you can add some free tools on your site. The user will visit the site to use the free tools and they will refer them to their friend and relatives and you will be achieving your main objective of link building. At points like this acting as a miser does not help because you will be affecting the growth of your link building. You can use funny viral content such as creating addictive content when link building. Post content that will be addictive to the user and once they see it they will definitely share with the rest. Through the addictive content you will be achieving your link building. Your site can be advertised by using funny videos and link building will be easy.Doing Pictures The Right Way

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