The Importance of SEO in the Marketplace

What is SEO?

Let’s say you are looking to buy a golf club online. You go to Google and type in “golf club”, hit the search button, and millions of websites show up almost instantly. But what makes one website show up at the very top position of the first page in Google and another similar website show up on page 56, or 57, etc.? This is determined by how relevant Google thinks your website is to what you were searching.

Why does this matter?

Well, let’s imagine the opposite: you are trying to sell golf clubs on your website. When a potential customer types in “golf clubs” into Google and they are shown millions of websites, they will always click on the top positioned websites. This means that if your website is on page 5, 6, 7… it will most likely never be viewed, even if your website is almost identical to the websites on the top positions! And no visitors to your website means no sales.

So what does SEO have to do with any of this?

Simply put, SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a term used to describe a number of techniques used to increase how relevant a search engine thinks a website is to a specific word or phrase known as a keyword (or keyphrase). So for example, if you want your page to be on the top of Google for the keyphrase “plumbing services”, then you would use SEO techniques to do so.

What is SEO Expert Global?

SEO Expert Global provides a wide variety of services to businesses that will help them promote their company and literally explode their profits. These services include: SEO Services, Google Places Listing Services, Web Design Services, and Video Marketing Services. With all of these different aspects of internet marketing at a company’s disposal, there is literally nothing stopping them from being #1 on Google!

SEO Services

The SEO Services that SEO Expert Global provides is the best on the internet. No other company can guarantee the kind of rankings that SEO Expert Global can. With a top page listing on Google, traffic, and therefore, profits, will come in practically on autopilot. If you want the best in the business, do not hesitate to contact SEO Expert Global!

Google Places Listings

Google Places (formerly known as Google maps) is one of Google’s most popular features. It allows for a potential customer in your local area to find the physical location of your place of business. Of special significance to SEO is that it is the first thing that shows up when doing a local search on Google. SEO Expert Global will make sure that your website is the first business listing that someone browsing the internet will see. If you are beneath your competitors listing, then you are losing out on a lot of money! People like convenience, and if your site is conveniently on the top of the maps, you will get their business.

Web Design Service

Web design is important. There are millions of millions of websites online, and new ones are appearing every minute. For this reason, web design is an important part of a good internet marketing strategy. SEO Expert Global makes custom made professional looking websites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore (and perhaps most important of all), we make sure that they are SEO-friendly. Let SEO Expert Global handle your web design and start turning casual visitors to your site into paying customers!

Video Marketing Services

Videos are literally all over the internet. There are billions of videos being watched every day, and it would be unwise for a company to not take advantage of this great marketing medium. SEO Expert Global provides custom made high quality videos to be used in whatever way you want. Not only that, but SEO Expert Global works with you in turning your videos into powerful marketing tools that will bring in customers in droves.

As talked about, SEO is a very important aspect of marketing nowadays. As the methods of marketing have evolved, so too must businesses lest they be left behind! A smart company knows this and is taking advantage of services provided by companies like SEO Expert Global. Don’t let your company sink by being left behind in the age of internet marketing!

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