Do-It-Yourself Graphics Design – Promote Where You Never Have Before

With the availability of Do-It-Yourself Graphic Design (DIY-GD) Packages for printed identity and promotional materials, opportunities have increased, and overall cost has decreased for many businesses and independent workers. Now you can afford to promote and compete in areas that were not affordable a few short years ago.

When should you use Do-It-Yourself Graphic Design?

Do-It-Yourself Graphics Design - Promote Where You Never Have Before

If you have an existing high resolution design in jpg, png or gif format and want to get it printed without paying for the middleman, merely upload it to one of the DIY-GD packages. Turn around is generally 2-5 working days and you save a lot of money with one less person involved in the transaction.

If your business is heavily dependent on recognition of your capabilities, services or products. This holds true especially during tough economic times, when most consumers have less disposable income. Competition for the available dollars is increased and promoting yourself and your business becomes imperative to survive.

If you are contract employee ( Form 1099 rather than W-2) responsible for your own promotional costs, this is an ideal approach for you. It saves money initially and is tax deductible as a promotional cost. It puts you into a position to do the things like direct mail that used to be only affordable by larger businesses with available promotional dollars.

If you never like the designs you get from a Graphic Artists until you have massaged it. If you are one of those people that are rarely satisfied with the result unless you do it yourself, this is an excellent approach for you.

If your business uses large numbers of letterhead and envelopes, and you have your logo and an idea of the colors you want to use, then this approach will save you the biggest dollars. Letterhead and envelopes continue to be one of the most expensive printed business identity materials.

Who Should use Do-it-Yourself Graphic Design?

Independent Hair Stylists and Barbers – You generally have a creative bent and are able to develop unique and appealing designs. With the savings incurred you will be able to do more promotion with your existing budget. You can economically do things typically done by large salons like referral cards, coupons and more.

Realtors – Most realtors have or can acquire their company logo and tag line. With those items, you can quickly design business cards, post cards, letterhead, envelopes, magnetic cards, stickers, door hangers and other items that will help promote your business and increase commissions.

Internet Marketers – The successful internet marketers approach their web sites, like a realtor approaches listings and sells. They have business cards printed promoting their sites. They have postcards printed and sent to mailing lists acquired through their existing sites to promote specials or advertise the launch of new sites. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Any single employee or two employee Limited Liability Corporation or S Corp. can get the same benefits regardless of what their business is. It becomes affordable to promote in ways they never have before, and deductible as a business expense.

DIY-GD is allowing small business and independent contractors to promote and compete in ways they have not in the past.

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